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Death Without Company
by Craig Johnson

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A Sheriff Longmire mystery. Johnson has good character development, consistent throughout the series. The plot is intriguing, the setting beautiful. All are very well written.

How Not To Act Old
by Pamela Redmond Satran

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Need some advice on how to be a hip grandma? Then this book is for you. Often sarcastic, filled with tongue-in-cheek humor, this book is always amusing and sort of helpful.

The Other Mrs
by Mary Kubica

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This was the 2nd book I have read from Mary Kubica’s. There was an unreliable narrator in the book and I still don’t know how I feel about those. The book was definitely suspenseful and I did not see the ending coming. It was a little long for my taste and could have been probably 60 pages shorter. It was a decent read and I will tell friends about it. It is a once and done book but not bad.

The Long Walk
by Stephen King

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Amazing. The book drags on in some chapters which makes it feel like you're actually on the walk with them.

Baby Animals
by Garth Williams

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Ali loves this book - it’s a bad day for him, I think, if we don’t read it 2 or 3 times at bedtime!

Early Autumn
by Robert Parker Spenser Series

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Not your usual "Spenser for Hire" story. This one shows the deeper side of Spenser. After locating a kidnapped 15-year-old boy, Spenser realizes that nobody really wants the poor kid. He takes it upon himself to rehabilitate the boy and give him the life he deserves. Along the way, of course, he dispenses of some really bad guys. Robert Parker never disappoints.

War Of The Wolf Bernard Cornwell
by Bernard Cornwell

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This is one of the books in Cornwell's series on the character Uhtred of Bebbanburg a warrior and lord with an interesting upbringing during the time of the Saxons, Danes and Norse battles to concur and control the lands that would one day become England. I started this book series after watching The Last Kingdom series on Netflix which are based on the books. I probably would not have picked this series to read if it were not for the show. I like the aspects of historical fiction, warriors, royalty, etc. There is a lot of blood and battles so it may not be for everyone but it is intriguing.

I. Asimov
by Isaac Asimov

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Memoirs of his life, written with a wry sense of humor.

Katherine Hepburn
by Grace May Carter

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Interesting story of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Insights into the lives of many famous people.

The Soprano Wore Falsettos
by Mark Schweizer Liturgical Mysteries

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A delightful spoof on the Mike Hammer mysteries (remember those?). The protagonist is the sheriff of a small town - and also the church organist. This series is for lovers of classical and church music, filled with familiar characters found in any small town congregation and choir.

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